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Who are we?

ALTMeg International Transport is one of the main logistics and transport companies, based in Durres, Albania. Through high quality trucks, it serves the wider European market. Starting as an organic extension of ALTMeg Auto Dealer, to serve the needs of transporting cars for sale, ALTMeg International Transport developed very quickly, becoming the main department of ALTMeg Group. With an exclusive focus on meeting customer needs, the company grew into 6 trucks at the end of its second year of operation. Today, after many years of successful operation, ALTMeg International Transport serves global automotive companies such as Hyundai, KIA, VW, etc. Through shipments throughout the Balkans, Italy, Switzerland and other European countries. Shipping from point A to point B, with high reliability, in time and with complete security, has been and continues to be our mission through which vehicle manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and individual customers benefit.

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